Toxicity Masterclass

My complimentary masterclass to help you make smarter food choices,
reduce your toxic load, and elevate your health.  
Concerned about toxins in your food?
It's a bootcamp on elevated health,
and there is no charge -
it is my gift to you.
In the Toxicity Masterclass you will learn:
What the various sources of toxicity are and how to you can reduce your exposure to them. 
How these toxins affect your body at the metabolic level and what you can do to optimize your performance. 
What GMOs really are and how this is impacting your gut, your immune system, and your brain.
How you can get the toxins out of your cells and tissues so you can elevate your health, and protect your body.  
How to reverse health imbalances and mystery ailments using natural solutions and food.  
What you need to know about Nykki
Nykki Hardin is a Los Angeles based Nutrition and Detox Coach and the formulator of 21 Cleanse, her proprietary blend, therapeutic grade, organic herbal cleanse system that can help you rid your body of toxins, chemicals and environmental pollutants.  
Nykki is passionate about helping people elevate their body and mind using natural solutions and by making smarter choices.  She is dedicated to providing the tools, education and support to care for yourself physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  

Nykki studied Ayurveda in India, managed detox programs at cleansing and fasting resorts in Thailand, and managed a metabolic testing lab in Los Angeles.  She also holds a masters in Spiritual Psychology and is the author of "Transform the Toxic Body", which is available on her website.

"Nykki is fantastic and has taught me more about nutrition than learned in Medical School.  When you are a physician, especially in my field of OB GYN and Infertility, nutrition is very important. Knowing how and what to eat, when to eat it and how to make it fun is something you can't teach patients about until you educate yourself. 

Nykki has helped me with my process of self education so that I can help others.  After her 21 Cleanse Program I felt better with more energy and lost weight as well as a 40 point drop in my cholesterol in just 2 weeks.  I can now educate my patients so that they can lead a more healthy life and have healthier pregnancies and babies. "
- Dr. Catherine DeUgarte, infertility specialist/OBGYN

"Before I worked with Nykki, I was always eating sugar day in and day out.  I was hoping to drop a few pounds, but mainly, I wanted to get off of my sugar addiction. Nykki showed me exactly the types of food I should eat and avoid.  Nykki amazingly was able to get me to start eating salad, which I hated before.  She really educated me in the process about how to select the healthy choices.  

I was able to stay away from sugar and noticed myself having MUCH better mental clarity.  Without the sugar now, I don't even "sugar coat" when I talk!  How amazing is that!  I just notice my entire being shifting in a more clear direction.  
What is unique about Nykki's method is that she is not about starvation. It is my personal choice to stay away from the junk.  I will be continuing to work with Nykki to deepen my newfound healthy lifestyle."
 - Xixi Cheng